Blockchain, asset securitization and cryptocurrency

Satya Law Group is an association of attorneys who specialize in all aspects of the law within the digital asset,  blockchain and cryptocurrency space.  We also work with a network of attorneys worldwide with experience in the digital asset space.  We keep closely abreast of the rapid growth and changes in this space not only in terms of technology but also the evolving global regulatory regime.  

In addition, Satya works with experienced blockchain developers that can be brought onboard to consult on start-up structures, prospective token ventures.  Our experience in the futures and securities law worlds can guide you through the changing regulatory landscape whether you are planning on issuing an initial coin offering (ICO) or a security token offering (STO) or contemplating tokenizing a valuable piece of art.   

We have also developed contract drafting capabilities for our clients utilizing natural language processing technology and artificial intelligence.  

The services we offer include:

  • Litigation involving ICOs and cryptocurrencies

  • Structuring STOs and ICOs in compliance with the existing regulatory regimes

  • Smart contract implementation, drafting and coding

  • Asset digitization and fractional ownership

  • Regulatory filings and compliance - ask us to advise you on an automated solutions for SEC and FINRA compliance and monitoring

  • know your customer (KYC) and Patriot Act (AML) rules

  • Reviewing whitepapers

  • Guidance on implementing distributed ledger solutions for businesses

  • Consulting to law firms, exchanges, trading groups and businesses

  • All regulatory and compliance work related and unrelated to digital assets in the securities and futures space

  • Drafting documents, agreements, employment agreements, business agreements