The Satya Law Group is a technology law firm that specializes in all aspects of the law within the blockchain, asset securitization and cryptocurrency space.    We also have a strategic partnership with a cutting edge AI development firm that allows us to bring intelligent user-interfaces to help our clients send drafts of contracts and agreements for our review using the latest in AI and Natural Language Processing technology.  

     The Law is being affected by blockchain technology in many ways; from the digitization of assets, the ability to put assets and anything of value onto a blockchain, to allow for fractional ownership of art and real estate, to enable transactions between parties that do not know or trust each other and to trace and track charitable donations to the most remote corners of the world.  It can be used to give people identity and secure ownership in instances where in refugee situations for instance, people lack the resources to be able to prove their identity or protect their land from being stolen by corrupt local governments or by force.  It can also enable the execution of a person’s last wishes in a way that has never been able to be done before.  Most of all, blockchain has the ability to enfranchise so many people who are currently unbanked and left out of the common online townhall.  Perhaps the cure for cancer or the solution to a complex problem lies with a child born into a place where they may never have access to a computer.  Herein lies the true promise of blockchain for the Good.  Blockchain could one day enhance our most valuable asset as a species, our human capital.

     It can be challenging for many traditional and larger law firms to keep pace with changes  in this area of the law let alone understand the technology.  The business use cases implementing distributed ledger technology have grown at a very rapid pace and continue to do so.  This is a learning curve we do not think clients or business should pay for.

     At the Satya Law Group, we see the promise of blockchain technology and also in technologies like AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP).  The founding attorney has been a student of this technology for many years and brings real world experience working on enterprise solutions implementing distributed ledger technology.  The Satya Law Group has formed a strategic relationship with seasoned blockchain developers who architect consumer and enterprise solutions using AI, machine learning and blockchain.  This enhances our ability to give advise on start-up structures, prospective token ventures and digital asset ventures.

     We also have a similar strategic alliance with a technology firm that is deploying cutting edge practice management and document drafting tools using AI and NLP.  We are working on systems that through the use of AI allow us to automate regulatory reporting and drafting.  Using this technology, we can offer a suite of services to our clients from employment agreements, joint venture agreements, regulatory and compliance filings - at the speed of business.

     Legal services to prepare offering documents for security tokens and digital assets are expensive and time consuming-often taking several months depending on the offering jurisdiction.  Our experience and technological advantage allow us to speed up this time.  We can also advise our clients on every step of a security offering from an issuing ledger to an exchange.

     Whatever your goals in the digital asset and blockchain space, we are here to help you achieve them.   We have changed the traditional law firm model to help bring or find you all the resources you may need including experienced regulatory and compliance lawyers from the futures and securities worlds.  

     We also understand that some matters do not fit a billable hours model so we encourage you to call us for a free consultation.   We strive to facilitate your business goals, not hamper them.